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This link explains why you need title insurance and what should it cost?


Title Work – why do I need title insurance?



This is a link to an article that explains why the cost of title insurance is worth the investment.


Title Work – why is title work worth the investment?



This is an interesting title work information worksheet which explains how to overcome obstacles to closing real estate transactions as it relates to title insurance and title work issues.


Title Work – overcoming closing obstacles



This a complete overview of what title work companies do; how title insurance works and related title issues.


Title Work – title insurance in the United States



This is a continuously updated article about title insurance and title work as it relates to mortgages.


Title Work – title work and mortgages



This link explains how a title insurance defect would be cured in Arizona.


Title Work – the quiet title lawsuit



This link provides an overview of what a title searcher does.  A title work search is part of the process that will lead to title insurance.


Title Work – What does a title search do?



This is a link to a company that specializes in curing title work defects


Title Work – curing title work defects